deep jam color saree - Terra
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deep jam color saree

Terra Saree

deep jam color saree

৳ 2,130

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৳ 2,130

“Terra” is a famous online brand. All of Terra’s Saree and ladies suit are Terra’s making products. We make it by local weavers in Tangail and sell it online. The quality of each product means the best. Our online payment system is very modern and secure.


The best saree means handloom saree. Handloom saree work tends to be the most fascinating. We offer a variety of colorful sarees and ladies’ suits. We have a handloom saree and jamdani ladies’ suits. Why Tangail saree is most attractive –

  • Saree is made by an experienced weaver.
  • Saree borders tend to be attractive and very modern.
  • The overall work sequence is very aesthetic and rules compliant.
  • Tangail sarees have a completely different design. The original design sequence is very handsome, not awkward.
  • Handloom saree is more famous among the sarees of Tangail.

For those who shop online, try to buy from where the product is produced. Buy Tangail Saree from the location of Tangail then don’t cheat in any way in terms of the quality of the saree, yes the price may vary.

Additional information

Weight23 kg
Dimensions12 × 24 × 35 cm

Black, Green, Indigo


Large, Medium, Small


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